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Seeing Majesty At Fantasy Island(Scallywags Bar) 27.10.18

Majesty on stage at Scallywags Bar, Fantasy Island.

Travel To Skegness.

It was a very cold, wet windy day. Me and Dale travelled to Skegness by car to see "Majesty Queen Tribute" perform. It took us about 2 and a half hours to get there.


In Skegness.

Once we arrived it was absolutely pouring down so we decided to go and have lunch in a cafe in the town centre. After lunch it was still pouring down, so we made a dash for the gift shops, hoping by the time we had looked round that the rain would of eased, but we were wrong. We did managed to walk to the prom but the rain was getting harder and we looked like drowned rats so we decided to go back to the car and make our way to Fantasy Island.


At Fantasy Island.

We arrived at Fantasy Island about 4 o clock. Guess what?...... It was still pouring down. Had plenty of time till "Majesty Queen Tribute" were to perform, about 4 hours to kill. We decided to go and have a look round the Market but when we got there told it was just about to close so we found a coffee shop, went in there to warm up, we had Hot Chocolate and a slice of cake. Then we had a wonder round and found a Bar/Restaurant. We decided to have a couple of drinks in there. About 6 o clock we were getting hungry so we decided to eat in there. It was a lovely American style Restaurant. Didn't fancy a Burger so we both had Jacket Potatoe, it was yummy.

Hollywood Bar and Diner, where we had our dinner.


At Scallywags Bar, Fantasty Island.

These photos of

James Campion Chris Holland were taken by my wonderful Fiance Dale Tatnell.

When we first got into Scallywags Bar it was absolutely packed and couldn't see anywhere to sit. We went to the Bar and ordered our drinks and found a table right at the back near the bar. We were not very happy where we were sat as people up at the bar ordering drinks kept knocking into me and I knew I couldn't put up with that all night so i wandered round for a little while and finally found a seat right at the front, side of the stage.

"Majesty Queen Tribute" came on stage about 20.45, they done two sets which were both 45 min sets. The dance floor was packed with people of all ages dancing. After the first set Scallywags Entertainment crew came on stage for about half hour while "Majesty Queen Tribute" were having their break. About 2nd song in during the 2nd half Seth made an announcement and to my surprise the announcement was for me. He had heard from my lovely Mum and my lovely Best friend Sarah. My Mum had told him that it's my birthday in a few days and could they possibly play my fav song "Fat Bottomed Girls". My best friend also told him it was my birthday. To my surprise "Majesty Queen Tribute" called me over to the stage and handed me over a gorgeous bouquet of flowers along with a cute birthday card. "Majesty Queen Tribute" had got me these flowers not only for my birthday but a thank you for the support I have given them since 2017 when we first started supporting them. I was really taken back that my Mum and Best Friend had got in touch and that "Majesty Queen Tribute" had got me the gorgeous bouquet of flowers, I really did appreciate it so much. Thanks again guys and thankyou, it was a fantastic night. After the show we treated the guys to a drink.

To finish off my Blog here is a pic of me receiving the Flowers, also a pic of the Flowers at home and last but no means least a video of the fantastic "Majesty Queen Tribute" performing "Fat Bottomed Girl"

Here I am receiving my gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

My gorgeous Bouquet of Flowers and Birthday Card.

"Majesty Queen Tribute" performing "Fat Bottomed Girls" at Scallywags Bar, Fantasy Island, Skegness.

If you want to keep up to date with "Majesty Queen Tribute" check out their FaceBook and Twitter page.

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May 12

fantastic blog also good pictures


Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
Jan 29, 2019

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed reading it xx


Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
Jan 27, 2019

Absolutley fantastic blog, makes a brilliant read, and great pics and video.😁😁 xx

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