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Queen Quiz - These Are The Times Of Our Lives

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On Sunday, 24th November 1991 the world lost the legendary Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury; he died from bronchio-pneumonia, brought on by Aids.

Freddie had kept his HIV Positive diagnosis private for what is believed to be a couple of years, before releasing a public statement the day prior to his death.

Front Cover of Video Single Who Wants To Live Forever

In memory of Freddie Mercury's 30th anniversary of his passing, this week's quiz poses questions about the Queen single These Are The Days Of Our Lives.


Last Week's Quiz


In our last quiz, we posed five questions to celebrate the anniversary of the release of Queen's studio album Sheer Heart Attack.

Did you participate and get all 5?

If you missed it, you can find it here


Missed A Quiz?


We first started to produce our weekly midweek Queen quiz in May 2019.

Our Queen quizzes can be found here

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