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Majesty's Performance At, Theatre Royal Portsmouth.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

On the 28th June 2019 “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” performed their fantastic show at the Theatre Royal Portsmouth.

Theatre Royal Portsmouth is a beautiful Victorian theatre in the heart of Portsmouth which is a Victorian Grade II listed theatre. You can visit the theatres website be clicking on the following link

Photo belongs to Carol Crick. Thank you Carol for allowing me to use your photo.

Majesty At Theatre Royal Portsmouth

On Majesty’s FaceBook page, they posted the following……….


All set for tonight’s shenanigans at New Theatre Royal in #Portsmouth!

Ready to rock some #Queen classics - get your requests in by #COMMENTING below!

Comments Received To Post

These are the comments that Majesty received to the post…….

Rachel Britcher

“Love of my life please! From the Freddies in the dress circle! Xxx

Majesty To Rachel

Debbie Jones

“Hi boys xx

Super excited!!

Crazy little thing called love.. somebody to love 💕 give us a shout out please, Debbie & Lynne from Bournemouth xx”

Majesty To Debbie

“🤘🤘🤘 coming your way x”

James Bakes

“You guys are simply amazing..Please can I request.. Love of my life 👍”

Majesty To James

“Lovely choice James ❤️❤️”

Rhiannon Crook

“We are the champions”

Majesty To Rhiannon

“If you’re good!”

Debbie Jones

“I want to break free

Don’t stop me now x”

Majesty To Debbie

“You got it! 🤘🤘”

Cher Jeffery

“Please play I want to break free ..... With curlers 😁”

Majesty To Cher


Charlotte Heaney

“Good old fashioned lover boy”

Majesty To Charlotte

“Love that song! Xx ❤️”

Community Section

On the community section on Majesty’s FaceBook page, members of the audience asked for these songs……..

Denise Howes To Majesty

“Friends Will Be Friends please.u r fab!”

Majesty To Denise

“Lovely song Denise, wish we saw this one! Hope you had a wonderful time ❤️❤️”

Emma Greaves‎ To Majesty

🤘🏻 Can Seren (12) have Radio Gaga please (& can mum Emma have Fat Bottomed Girls) 💋”

Majesty To Emma

“Hope mum and Seren liked them 🤘🤘🤘”

Nicnac Paddywax‎ To Majesty

“Crazy little thing called love and we are the champions please. Nicki and Beth row f

Amazing show - have had our moneys worth already xx”

Majesty To Nicnac

“Awww thanks so much guys! We had such a great night with you guys! Hope to see you all again soon! ❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘❤️”

Chloe Sherville‎ To Majesty

“Please sing love of my life ❤️❤️”

Majesty To Chloe

“Hope you liked it Chloe. ❤️❤️”

Chloe To Majeaty

“Absolutely amazed ❤️❤️ so good”

Rebecca Beard‎ To Majesty

“Seven seas awry for the best daddy in the world Ray Jaap!!”

Majesty To Rebecca

“🎶🎶 Fear me you lords and lady preachers....🎸🎸

I descend upon your earth from the skies”

Kat Hedges‎ To Majesty

“You’re My Best Friend!! For Kat and Ian who are best buds and soulmates forever!💕💕

Wow! Loving the show 🤩🤩”

Majesty To Kat


Charlotte Heaney‎ To Majesty

“Please can I have good old fashioned lover boy, you are fantastic!”

Majesty To Charlotte

“Oh now I wish I had seen this in the moment. One of my favourite songs. Next time Charlotte for sure! ❤️❤️”

Sheena Frost‎ To Majesty

“Dont stop me now please x”

Majesty To Sheena

“Hope you liked it Sheena ❤️❤️”

‎Neil Titmuss‎ To Majesty

“Please play ... best friend 😊”

Majesty To Neil

“Hope we did it proud Neil 🎸🎸🤘🤘”

Donna Wicks‎ To Majesty

“Great show.. hammer to fall for my son George 👍😘”

Majesty To Donna

“George! We’re gonna do that next time just for you 🎸🎸”

Scott Parsons‎ ToMajesty

“Please play good old fashioned lover boy for Kacey x :)”

Majesty To Scott

“Gutted. Absolutely love that song!!!

🎶🎶 I can dim the lights and sing you songs.... full of sad things,

We can do the tango just for two🎸🎸”

Rebecca Geer‎ To Majesty

“Please please play don’t stop me now ! From Becky , Heidi and Cathy ! Your fab 😘”

Majesty To Rebecca

“Hope you liked it girls ❤️❤️”

Rebecca To Majesty

“Absolutely brilliant ! We have already been looking to see when you are local to us again, can’t see that you are anytime soon! Please come back soon 😊”

Majesty To Rebecca

“We hope to!!!”

Karen Woolvin‎ To Majesty

“Love of my life for James please x”

Majesty To Karen

“Hope we did it proud James 🤘🤘”

Karen To Majesty

“Thank you - you did x”

Mark Cole‎ To Majesty

“Seven seas of rhy”

Majesty To Mark

“Great song Mark! Next time for sure! 🎸🎸🤘🤘”

James Hill‎ To Majesty

“Love of my life”

Majesty To James

“Hope you like it James 🤘🎸”

James To Majesty

“Thanks love the show”

‎Stephanie Kemp‎ To Majesty

“Can you wish happy 40th birthday to Ian please?”

Majesty To Stephanie

“Oh Ian!!!!! 🎂🎂 Happy Birthday Dear!!!! 🎂🎂

Hope you had a fab night, you guys rocked it 🤘🤘🤘”

Tom Hands‎ To Majesty

“Sing great pretender!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻” And ask row M15 on to the stage!!!!”

Majesty To Tom

“Oh yeah great choice!”

‎Scott Parsons‎ To Majesty

“Watching right now in pompey! Breakthru, radio ga ga... I could go on. So far, fan-freddie-tastic 👍😁”

Majesty To Scott

“ 🤘🤘🤘 you got it scott”

‎Kat Hedges‎ To Majesty

“You’re My Best Friend- for Ian and Kat in the audience - who are best friends and soulmates! Absolutely loving the show! My first ever Queen Tribute and I’m it’s fabulous🤩🤩💕”

Majesty To Kat

“Hope you liked it Kat! You guys rocked 🤘🤘🤘”

Eileen Curtis Gilmore‎ To Majesty

“Days of our lives”

Majesty To Eileen

“Hope you like it Elleen ❤️❤️”

Eileen To Majesty

“Was a brilliant night many thanks x”

Nadine Warren‎ To Majesty

“Please play ‘love of my life’ for George and Andrew warren!”

Majesty To Nadine

“Hope you liked it guys. Wish we could play all night, you guys rocked! 🤘🤘🤘”

Nadine To Majesty

“We had a great night! You rocked! 🎤🎸😀”

‎Sharon Gough‎ To Majesty

“Great time at New Theatre Royal, we've taken you to our hearts. 'Tie your mother down' please 💓xx”

Majesty To Sharon

“What lovely words Sharon. You all welcomed us, it was lovely. Amazing night ❤️❤️❤️”

Sharon To Majesty

“Majesty it certainly was. Hope to see you again soon. Lots of love 🙂”

Elisa Mott‎ To Majesty

“We are the champions for Sarahs 90thbirthday!”

Majesty To Elisa

“Wowwww!!! Happy birthday Sarah 🎂🎂🎂 Hope you had a great night my darling ❤️❤️❤️”

Elisa To Majesty

“Thank you she did”

Julia Lovejoy-brinkman‎ To Majesty

“Play Breakthru please! Julia and Ray. Xx”

Majesty To Julia

“Next time Julia!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸”

Scott Parsons‎ To Majesty

“Watching now in pompey. Fantastic night”

Majesty To Scott


‎Gracie Smith‎ To Majesty

“Can you sing In the lap of the god’s for my dad’s 45th birthday, his name is lee if you could give him a shoutout , thank you xx”

Majesty To GracIe

“Happy birthday Lee!! ❤️❤️ It’s so easy... but I can’t do it... so risky.... but I gotta chance FUNNNYYY...but there’s nothing to laugh MONEY, is all you wanna talk about , I can see... what... you want me to be!



Gracie To Majesty

“Thank you, we enjoyed your show tonight xx

Pete Emery‎ To Majesty

“Great show at Portsmouth Royal Theatre. Great atmosphere and got the crowd on their feet”

Carol Crick‎ To Majesty

Carol Crick‎ To Majesty

“Brilliant tonight!!”

Majesty To Carol

“Thanks Carol! Great pic ❤️❤️”

Debbie Jones‎ To Majesty

"Great night at Portsmouth last night, I’m still aching! Don’t know how you do it. Amazing vocals, on the spot requests, audience participation & lots of love 💕"

Peter Southern(Brian May) To Debbie

“Hi Debbie. So glad you enjoyed the show! Best wishes Peter(Brian) Majesty.🎸🎶”

Debbie To Peter

“Hi Peter, I absolutely loved the show! I was singing my little heart out getting funny looks from people around me! Probably because I’m out of tune! 😆

See you guys in December in Southampton 💕 Keep rocking! We think you’re all great xx 🎶”

Peter To Debbie

“Thanks Debbie. Your kind words mean a lot to us. It's a pleasure to play these wonderful songs for everyone.”

Photos belong to Debbie Jones. Thank you Debbie for allowing me to use your photos.

Video Of The Audience

Here is a video that Majesty posted of the audience having a good time……...

These are the comments that people left to the post of the video.......

Cheryl Tandy

“Brilliant evening thanks you”

Majesty To Cheryl

“Thank you Cheryl. Such a great night ❤️”

Kelly Parsons To Majesty

“My daughter Kacey was in the front row singing her head off this was her first music concert and absolutely loves everything queen she is so happy and said you were absolutely brilliant thanks for making her night”

Majesty To Kelly

“Such an honour to bring this music to the next generation! And the fact Queen is Kacey’s favourite music makes her the most super coolest, awesomest kid out there!!! ❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻”

Kelly To Majesty

“You are totally right and she says thank you for making her night the best she can't wait to see you again also making my husband's night also huge queen fan obviously that's where she gets it from. your totally right she is totally the greatest kid and you definitely put huge smile on her face. queen ROCK thank you she so excited you replied too”

Naomi Mcintosh To Majesty

“Thank you for a great night guys....brilliant 👌”

Majesty To Naomi

“You too Naomi. Loves it! ❤️❤️”

Sally Powell To Majesty

“Absolutely brilliant night thank you..”

Majesty To Sally

“Thanks Sally. You guys were awesome 🤘🤘”

Julia Lovejoy-brinkman To Majesty

"Should've played Breakthru! Never mind, great show!! X"


Mark Cole To Majesty

“Seven seas of rhy please”

Majesty To Mark

“Next time Mark!! Love that song 🤘🤘🎸🎸”

Debbie Jones To Majesty

“WE’ were great tonight!! Lol 😆”

Majesty To Debbie

“Damn tight!! 🤘🤘🙌🏻🙌🏻”

Adam Coe To Majesty

“Flash!!!! Please”

Majesty To Adam

“😆😆next time Adam!! 🤘🤘🤘”

Aimee Newnham To Majesty

“Hammer to Fall for my boyfriend George Bailey pleaseeee! 🤩”

Majesty To Aimee

“🎸🎸🎸🎸 we need a second night don’t we. Too many songs to get through!!”

Elaine Martindale

“BRILLIANT- thank you for such a great evening 🎹🎼🎤”

Anna Tonkin To Majesty

“We had an amazing night!!! You guys are awesome!!!!!!!”

Andrew Warren To Majesty

“We all loved it AMAZING 🤩🤩🤩”

Sandra Taylor To Majesty

“You were great 🤗”

Reviews Section

On the Reviews section on Majesty’s Facebook Page this is what people posted……

Antony Tizzard To Majesty

“Just a great tribute act,the lead singer has a voice just like Freddie

Sally Powell To Majesty

“Fantastic show in Portsmouth tonight..”

Wilson Sue To Majesty

Thank you Wilson Sue Wilson for allowing me to use your photo. In this photo with Peter and Seth is Nancy Anne Gleeson(Wilson Sue's friend)

Wilson Sue To Majesty

“Great evening, Thank you”

Majesty To Sue

“Thanks Sue! You guys rocked tonight. ❤️❤️🤘🤘”

Peter Southern's Facebook Page

On Peter's (Brian May) Facebook page this is what he posted........

"Awesome night at the Theatre Royal Portsmouth. Thanks to the wonderful audience and special thanks to the theatre techs, sound engineer and front of house staff. Totally professional and a pleasure to work with. Also Paul and Hazel,thanks for coming .Great to see you after all this time."

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin I'm happy you had such a fab time last night I wish I could of made it to Oasis tonight but at least I've still got Leysdown in October to look at 😊 xxx

To keep updated on what “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” are up to, visit their FaceBook Twitter and One Night With Freddie pages.

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Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
Jul 02, 2019

Thank you Bubba. Love you Loads x


Dale Tatnell
Dale Tatnell
Jul 02, 2019

Your hard work certainly does show in your blogs Lyn xx


Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
Jul 02, 2019

Thank you so much Mum. Glad you enjoyed it xxx


Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
Jul 02, 2019

I know how hard you work on your blogs Lyn, very well done another great blog which makes great reading. xx

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