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Majesty Queen Tribute - Live in Sturminster Newton

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

It was another sold out performance at last nights Queen Tribute Extravaganza at The Exchange Theatre in Sturminster Newton where Majesty performed their 5 star theatre show, The Champions of Rock.

A Night to Remember

Queen Tribute Majesty - Live in Sturminster
Queen Tribute Majesty - Live in Sturminster

It was only yesterday that Majesty performed to a packed room at Melksham Assembly Hall, where hundreds of audience members lined up to thank the band for their magical performance. What could possibly top that.

"When you have an amazing night like we did in Melksham, you often think - well it can't be like that tonight, but as always the Queen Fans were out in droves and we were blown away by the people of Sturminster Newton. Not only were they up on their feet partying hard, they were singing louder than we were! Amazing" - Seth Daniels, Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

The Exchange Theatre

The Exchange Theatre - Sturminster Newton
The Exchange Theatre - Sturminster Newton

The Exchange Theatre was erected back in 1967, originally built as a community hall and theatre space. After the Sturminster Cattle Market closed, the community had a limited time to see that the hall was saved.

After a long fight, they managed to secure a huge investment in the building and transformed the space into what it is today. The Exchange see's a variety of local theatre and community performances, plus a huge number of touring tribute shows, comedians and entertainment through it's door every year.

Check out The Exchange Facebook Page for upcoming Events HERE.

A Huge Thank you

As always, Majesty would like to thank the amazing fans of Queen for making their Queen Tribute Show the hottest ticket in town. As Seth said on stage:

"There are some huge touring productions out there with big cast and crew, and we're just four guys trying to play a bit of music - and it's you beautiful people that allow us to do that."

So as a thank you to you all, Majesty have put together this wonderful video.

If you would like to see Majesty performing their 5 star Queen Tribute Concert Spectacular, then you can head over to the website where you'll find their upcoming tour dates, with lots more to announce.

Keep up to date with Majesty by subscribing to our website or join in the conversation with our fantastic Queen Community, where you can read all the latest news and blogs from the boys and our close fans.

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