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Come On People

I love being a Blogger/Writer on this page for "Majesty Tribute Band" but I just wanted to say come on other Bloggers/Writers, do a Blog please☺ It will be lovely to see this page for "Majesty Tribute Band" full of different Blogs. Also come and join in and chat with me and Marilyn on the Blogs in the Community section. My lovely Fiance Dale has Blogged on how long his been a Queen Fan and how he got into Queen and I've Blogged about seeing "Majesty Tribute Band" for the first time. Come on people, how did you get into Queen or when did you first see "Majesty Tribute Band" ?? Look forward to your Blogs or Chatting in the Community section.

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Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
2018. dec. 28.

Well said Lyn, seems just us 3 doing blogs on the community section, and may I add without any feedback from other members which is disappointing. Come on other members get blogging and join us... getting a bit lonely with just the 3 of us. Thats if anyone is actually reading this.

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