Christmas Present From Freddie Mercury to Elton John.

Yesterday I read an article by a lady called Charlotte Dean for Mailonline. The article gave me a lump in my throat. The article was about Elton John revealing details of the last few days of Freddie Mercurys life and about a Christmas Present that he received from Freddie Mercury weeks after his death. Freddie Mercury and Elton John were good friends. They had given eachother drag queen names, Elton John was Sharon and Freddie Mercury was Melina. Weeks after Elton John was dealing with the loss of his good friend, there was a knock on Elton Johns door, it was a friend who had a gift for him which was wrapped in a pillowcase. Elton John unwrapped the pillowcase and there was a painting by one of his favourite artists, with the painting was a note that read "Dear Sharon I thought you'd like this. Love Melina. Elton John was overcome with emotion how Freddie Mercury had spent his final days finding a Christmas present for him.

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